Frequently Asked Questions

Bikram Yoga Teacher Silhouette




Why the heat?

Relaxes the muscles,
Gets oxygen to the muscles quicker.
Dilates the blood vessels and Increases blood flow to the muscles
Burns fat quicker.
Reduces the risk of pulling muscles.



What if I’m Not flexible?

Congratulations, you are just like 100% of the population.  You are human.
Flexibility is a product of yoga practice. Get over it…we all start somewhere?
Practice and soon you’ll see what it’s all about.
Give yourself the chance to change.



What if I can’t do a posture?

Try it…we don’t do yoga, we try it….so try your best. Its that easy.
Some days you’ll be able to do some postures, other days more so than before.
Its not a race, there are no first prizes for best posture.
Leave your ego out of the room and get on with the yoga.



What if I need to drink water during class?

After the first 3 warm up postures Go ahead – have a drink.
There is no rule to say you cannot.
Just do so in between active postures.



What to expect after class?

You will feel exhilarated and possibly some soreness, a headache, a rush of energy?

You have just spent 90 minutes opening up muscles and joints and compressing organs and glands that may never have had the opportunity to open up or be compressed before. We are creatures of habit and learning new habits (or unlearning old habits) can be challenging to begin with. Accept this new challenge.

Be kind to yourself. The movement of chemicals and toxins in the body from various organs can overwhelm the body resulting in headaches. Being dehydrated may cause the same reaction.

Coffee, smoking, processed foods strip the body of much needed water and this will result in similar nausea. Again, you are human and are reacting as expected.

If they persist please discuss with your teacher and always seek medical advice.



How will I feel the next day?

Having woken up after one of the best sleeps you will ever have, you may experience some soreness and stiffness.

This soreness is temporary… its your body adjusting to the new habits.

Returning to and continuing with your yoga practice as soon as possible will iron out any soreness.

Realigning the spine after years of habitual living is not rectified after one 90 minute class. It is a slow and therapeutic process.



How often should I practice?

To see immediate changes at least 3 times a week.
To see life transforming changes 4-5 times a week.



Why practice this yoga & are you the Original HOT yoga and are you the Best?

Practising this 90 minute series will constantly challenge you to be a better version of yourself every day.

It makes you feel safe and will help you find a sense of ease in uncomfortable and difficult positions and situations both on and off the mat.

The lessons gained from this practice extend beyond the yoga room and into every relationship and part of your life.

And YES, We are the Original + We are the Best.